proposed television spot
- hand illustrations scanned and colored in Photoshop then imported into QuarkXPress layout


(Open on the glorious land of Eden. As birds chirp and butterflies flutter, Eve, covered only by her lovely long golden locks of hair, reaches up and plucks a beautiful red apple from a tree. After taking a moment to admire the sumptuous fruit, she takes a bite. As she chews and swallows the delicious treat, she sensually expresses her sinfully delightful experience. After taking a moment to control her senses, the ravishing young lady smiles seductively at the camera, as seen from the point of view of Adam. With the apple in the palm of her hand, she slowly and sensuously takes a few steps forward, stops, then motions with her forefinger for Adam to approach her. Cut to the classically handsome Adam, from the chest up, gazing hypnotically at the wondrous object before him. Cut to a close-up of Eve’s mesmerizing eyes, proceeding slowly down to her luscious lips, and then to the glistening red apple in her hand. Cut to a close-up of Adam’s bewildered face. His eyes focus on the fruit before him, then on an unseen object above)

SFX: Dramatic music fades in.

(Visibly perplexed, the confused young man tries to make a decision as his eyes dart from the apple to the unknown object above. Between shots of Adam’s rapidly roving eyes are quick shots of Eve’s alluring eyes, her tempting lips, and the appetizing apple. As the music builds, the rapidity of the shots intensifies to a climax. Then suddenly, Adam reaches up, plucks a can of Coke from a Coke tree, pulls the tab and guzzles the refreshing drink. After quenching his thirst, he looks at Eve, then shrugs his shoulders as if to say, “Hey, I’m only human.” Cut to a close-up of Eve’s perturbed and clearly disappointed face)

LOGO: Coca-Cola.

ANNCR. (VO): Coke. It’s worth it.

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