proposed television spot for budweiser

2001 by Douglas North



SFX: The clamor of thunder and rain in the night.

(Open on a beautiful woman in a silky nightgown, tossing and turning in her elegant antique bed. Through an open window a vampire bat flies into the bedroom, then transforms into a diabolically handsome Count Dracula. The mysterious intruder then stealthily approaches the unsuspecting woman)

SFX: The sound of footsteps.

(The woman awakens only to be stricken with fear at the sight of the stranger)

WOMAN: Who are you? What do you want?

DRACULA: (with a deep and sinister Bela Lugosi voice) You know vhat I vant.

(The Count slowly advances until he is within arm's reach of his terrified victim. Suddenly, he reaches toward the frightened woman as if he is moving in for the kill. As the young lady holds back a scream, Dracula unexpectedly grabs an open bottle of Budweiser Beer resting next to her on a night table. Visually delighted, the enigmatic stranger caresses the neck of the bottle, then sinks his fangs into it. Cut to a close-up of the woman, who now appears more confused than terrified. Cut back to Dracula. Having quenched his thirst, he smiles broadly, displaying his fangs in all their glory)


(Instantly, the Count's demeanor becomes cool and suave. The contented vampire returns the bottle to its original spot on the night table, then looks at the woman)

DRACULA: (with a cool Italian accent) Grazie. Ciao, baby.

(The Count flashes a devilish smile, then reverts back to a bat and makes his exit through the window. Perplexed, the young woman darts toward the window, then watches the mysterious stranger in flight)

WOMAN: So that's it? You just drink and fly?...Ooh...You vampires are all alike!

SFX: A clap of thunder.

LOGO: Budweiser.

ANNCR. (VO): Budweiser. The civilized beer for a monster thirst.


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