proposed television spot for

2001 by Douglas North



(Open on a court in session. An uneasy male defendant squirms nervously on the witness stand as a distinguished, yet intimidating, middle-aged male prosecuting attorney articulately makes his case)

ATTORNEY: Ladies and gentleman of the jury, it seems quite evident that the defendant... (pointing at the defendant) ...was indeed the mastermind of an illegal moneymaking scam!

DEFENDANT: (dramatically jumping up from his seat) No! It's not like that!

(Instantly, the silver-haired female judge pounds the gavel to restore order)

JUDGE: Order!

ATTORNEY: (visibly annoyed, but unruffled by the interruption) If I may, let me present Exhibit A... (motioning toward an enlargement of a bank statement mounted and displayed on an easel) ...the defendant's bank statement from exactly one year ago...And Exhibit B... (motioning toward another enlarged statement on an easel) ...his statement from last month.

(The lawyer then turns his attention to the unnerved defendant)

ATTORNEY: Now, tell me, how do you explain the additional forty thousand dollars?

(The defendant starts to perspire as he sits quietly in the hot seat)

ATTORNEY: We're waiting.


ATTORNEY: Speak up!

DEFENDANT: (reacting as if he is confessing to a crime) I got a better job!

ATTORNEY: Is that so?...Well, would you be so kind as to enlighten the rest of us about how you made this financial quantum leap?

DEFENDANT: (in tears) Monster dot com.

SFX: An uproar from the jury creates an atmosphere of chaos.

ATTORNEY: (to the courtroom pointing an accusing finger at the defendant for giving himself such an unfair advantage) You see? He cheated!

(As the clamor in the courtroom continues, the lawyer slowly walks up to the defendant, then stops at the stand. He leans over toward the distraught defendant, then slyly peers to his left and to his right, as if he is checking to see that no one is watching)

ATTORNEY: (speaking to the defendant in just above a whisper) Do you think they might have anything for me?

DEFENDANT: (with uncharacteristic nonchalance) Sure.

SFX: The loud pounding of a gavel.

(The screen goes black behind the logo. After a moment, the logo fades out and the tag line fades in. It reads "...because settling for less is the real crime")


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