proposed television spot for brawny

2001 by Douglas North


"SNOW JOB" :30

(Open on two young boys playing in the snow. They are dressed and groomed like kids straight out of the 1950's. Behind them is a snowman with the traditional top hat, coal eyes, carrot nose, scarf and twig arms)

SNOWMAN: (with a voice like that of Santa Claus) Hey there, kids!

KID 1: (startled) Wow! You can talk!

SNOWMAN: Shore I can. I'm Mr. Snowman. And what are your names?

KID 1: Well, I'm Tommy and...


KID 2: Gee, Mr. Snowman, what's wrong?

SNOWMAN: Oh, I've just got a bad head cold. If I could only blow my nose. Achoo!

KID 1: I got it. Jimmy, give Mr. Snowman a Brawny paper towel. No, make it two.

(Kid 2 hands the snowman two paper towels from a roll in his backpack)

SNOWMAN: Thank you, son.

(With his twig arms, the snowman holds the paper towels up to his face to blow his nose. Cut to a close-up of the astonished face of kid 1)

SFX: A loud slurping sound.

KID 1: Mr. Snowman? Are you okay?

(The snowman is now missing his head, with his top hat and scarf resting on his snowball torso)

SNOWMAN: (with a muffled voice coming out of of the bottom of his hat) Just...fine. Would it be too much to ask for a little snow?

(Cut to a bird's-eye view of the kids frantically putting together a large snowball)

SUPER: Brawny logo.

ANNCR. (VO): Brawny. The thirsty, and head-clearing, paper towel.


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