proposed television spot
- hand illustrations scanned and colored in Photoshop then imported into QuarkXPress layout


(Open on three futuristic astronauts treading the barren land of a distant planet. Upon reaching a picturesque location, the lead astronaut plants the American flag in a moment of historic magnificence)

LEAD ASTRONAUT: (speaking dramatically to the camera) We, the United States of America...and the World Community, are now official visitors to a planet beyond our own solar system.

(At the conclusion of his landmark declaration, his fellow astronauts applaud)

LEAD ASTRONAUT: This calls for a toast. Fellow crew members, let’s all get back to the ship and have a Coke.

SECOND ASTRONAUT: Uh...sir...we...drank all the Coke...But we still have plenty of Pepsi.

(Cut to a close-up of the lead astronaut’s face. Distressed, he turns away from his fellow astronauts and faces the camera)

LEAD ASTRONAUT: Mission Control...we’re coming back.

LOGO: Coca-Cola.

ANNCR. (VO): Coke. It’s worth it.

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