proposed television spot
- hand illustrations scanned and colored in Photoshop then imported into QuarkXPress layout


(Open on two sweltering young men staggering across a vast desert plain, desperately clenching their parched throats in anguish. All of a sudden, a small but inviting refreshment stand magically appears a short distance ahead. Although it is located miles away from any thoroughfares, the mysterious stand is illuminated by the word “Refreshments” in bright neon)

YOUNG MAN 1: (to his companion) Is that what I think it is?

YOUNG MAN 2: I don’t know, but I’m there.

(The excited young men make a mad dash for the curious little stand. Upon reaching it, they hastily plant themselves on a couple of diner-style barstools, then stare intently at the man behind the counter, who is cleaning the counter with a rag)

MAN BEHIND THE COUNTER: What can I get you guys?

YOUNG MAN 1: You got Coke?

MAN BEHIND THE COUNTER: Sorry. We’ve only got Pepsi.

(Thoroughly disappointed, the two young men look at one another, then turn their attention again to the counter man)

YOUNG MAN 1: (to the man behind the counter) How many miles to the next mirage?

LOGO: Coca-Cola.

ANNCR. (VO): Coke. It’s worth it.

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