proposed television spot for baja fresh

2003 by Douglas North



(Open on an intimidating mafia boss in a pin-striped suit as seen from the point of view of a Baja Fresh cashier standing behind the counter. He is holding a fish taco in the palm of his right hand and a plate of food in his left)

MAFIA BOSS: Hello, my friend. I know you’ve got a reputation to protect, calling yourselves Baja Fresh. But is this fish taco really fresh?

(Suddenly a fish jumps out of the taco, slaps him in the face with its tail, then splashes back into the taco)

MAFIA BOSS: Alright, alright. Fuhget about it.

LOGO: Baja Fresh

ANNCR. (VO): Baja Fresh is super fresh. Don’t make us prove it.


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