proposed television spot
- hand illustrations scanned and colored in Photoshop then imported into QuarkXPress layout


(Open on a burly man driving a beautiful new car down a winding rural roadway)

SFX: Upbeat music blaring from the car’s high-quality stereo system.

(With the wind in his hair, the thirtyish man hums along with the music as the amazing automobile handles every curve like a high-performance race car. Shortly, the man turns off the radio and closes the power window. As soon as the window closes, virtually all outdoor noise is shut out. Enjoying the smooth ride, the man switches on the air conditioner, then softly sighs with delight. Before long, he reaches a stop light. As he stops, a close-up of the rear of the car clearly shows that it is a Honda)

SFX: A thunderous, vibrating hum begins.

(As his car starts shaking, the panic-stricken man looks up through his window to see a colossal UFO)

MAN: (with a comical New York cabby accent) What the...

(Instantly, the craft shoots a beam of light at the automobile and begins to levitate it)

MAN: (begging for mercy) Not me! Please, not me! You can’t do this! I got three or four kids! My dog needs insulin shots! I never got to eat raspberry menudo! Please!

(As the man continues to plead with the unseen aliens, the Honda slowly revolves and rises until it is pulled in through an open hatch at the bottom of the spacecraft. Once the automobile is out of view, the hatch closes and all is silent. Then, suddenly, the hatch opens)

SFX: A loud spitting sound emits from the craft.

(The man, minus his new car, is spit our onto a grassy field below. Somewhat disoriented, the man manages to stand up, then looks up at the UFO)

MAN: So what is it? I’m not good enough?

(Cut to a dark, starry sky)

SFX: The hum of a UFO.

(The Honda logo slowly enters from the left and stops in the center of the screen. Below the Honda logo appears the catch phrase, “Designed for intelligent life.” Then, after a brief pause, the Honda logo blasts off to the right, leaving only a trail of light above the tag line)

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