proposed television spot for brawny

2001 by Douglas North



(Open on a sixteenth century English village. The lovely, elegantly attired Queen Elizabeth saunters down a walkway until she comes upon a puddle of water. In a flash, Sir Walter Raleigh gallantly comes to her aid by removing his embroidered cloak to lay it down in front of her. However, he stops short of performing his chivalrous deed after taking a good look at the puddle)

SIR WALTER RALEIGH: Hmm. That appears rather deep.

(Realizing that this will be a tough job, he drapes his cloak over his left arm and requests assistance)

SIR WALTER RALEIGH: Charles, hand me the Brawny.

(Charles, his squire, hands Sir Walter Raleigh a roll of Brawny paper towels. Then, with the gallant grace of a prince, Sir Walter tears off a few paper towels and dramatically flings the batch over the pool of water)

SFX: A loud slurping sound.

(Having completely soaked up the puddle with the thirsty paper towels, the dashing good Samaritan takes his cloak and drapes it over the shoulders of the Queen)

QUEEN ELIZABETH: (smiling appreciatively) Why, thank you.

(Thoroughly impressed, Her Majesty walks over the paper towels as Sir Walter escorts her. Cut to a close-up of Mr. Raleigh's face as he slyly raises an eyebrow in conquest. Cut to a long shot of the Queen and the charmer walking into the sunset)

SUPER: Brawny logo.

ANNCR. (VO): Brawny. The thirsty, and gallant, paper towel.


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